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17 March 2018

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Borboleta II
3 February 2018

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28 January 2018

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Sintra Palace
27 January 2018

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Praia dos três irmãos
25 January 2018

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19 September 2017

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Lisbon Tram
18 September 2017

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Praça do Geraldo - Evora
15 September 2017

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Capela dos ossos -Evora II
14 September 2017

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Capela dos ossos -Évora
13 September 2017

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7 September 2017

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Terceira - Açores
4 September 2017

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andy wharol
11 August 2017

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at disneyworld
30 December 2013

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28 August 2011

Recent Comments

omid on clouds
Amazing work.

Existence Artistique on clouds
superbe ce traitement

omid on buterfly
Lovely work.

Existence Artistique on buterfly

Babzy on buterfly
nice ! :)

Michael Skorulski on buterfly

Existence Artistique on I'm so tired
bien ce traitement

Existence Artistique on nuvens
bien ces bleus

Existence Artistique on Carnaval I
bien ce traitement

Marc on Carnaval I
Very Nice

Aubélia on Carnaval I

Michael Skorulski on Carnaval I
Really excellent art image.

omid on Carnaval I
Amazing work.

Existence Artistique on Borboleta II
de belles couleurs

Existence Artistique on BORBOLETA
oh génial

Nina on the village
well done

Existence Artistique on the village
intéressant traitement

Dimitrios on the village

B. Thomas on Art in Sintra
Interesting art.

Existence Artistique on Just a guitar player

Existence Artistique on Lisbon
c'est du bon travail

Ronnie 2¢ on Lisbon Tram
A fine urban moment in that lovely clean light.

Existence Artistique on Lisbon Tram
bien ce tram

Existence Artistique on Sintra

omid on Just a cat
L O V E L Y !

Existence Artistique on Just a cat

Ronnie 2¢ on Just a cat
"Just" ? Always a treasure . .

Existence Artistique on Praça do Geraldo - Evora
belle lumière

Dimitrios on Capela dos ossos -Evora II
mmm great light

Existence Artistique on Capela dos ossos -Evora II
Belle lumière

Existence Artistique on Capela dos ossos -Évora

Existence Artistique on Igreja S. francisco - Évora

Existence Artistique on Templo Diana - Evora

Existence Artistique on Templo de Diana - Evora
beau passé

: Helen : on Templo de Diana - Evora
Lovely. It is a beautiful city Evora.

Ronnie 2¢ on Evora
What an enchanting prospect . .

Existence Artistique on Evora

Existence Artistique on Windows

Ronnie 2¢ on Windows
From this one detail, I feel I can sense the whole building . . very pleasing.

Existence Artistique on Magnolia

Existence Artistique on Acer
une intéressante recherche

Ronnie 2¢ on Acer
Simple and effective presentation - it works !

Existence Artistique on Nuria

Dimitrios on Nuria
God Bless Nuria, what a generous smile, straight from the heart*****

Existence Artistique on Terceira - Açores

Annima on Terceira - Açores
Jolis champs.

Existence Artistique on Terceira - Açores

Annima on Terceira - Açores
Beautiful shape!

Existence Artistique on Terceira - Açores
intéressant ciel

Existence Artistique on Terceira - Açores
intéressant champ

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